Rocky Mountain Care Quarterly Survey


Dear RMC Leader,

On a quarterly basis, Rocky Mountain Care is conducting a survey on the effectiveness of delivering ‘Simply the Best Service’.  Your input and comments are valuable in shaping our organization, be honest and share your feedback.  This quarter we have added additional questions regarding the Operations business verticals.  Please complete the following CONFIDENTIAL survey by Friday, April 12, 2024.


The RMC Executive Team

  • Select each of the Support and Operations group that you work with.
  • Answer the question “How effective is this group in solving my requests / issues / concerns?”
  • Rate the group 0 – 10.  (0 – Not at all likely to solve my request / issue / concern, 10 – Extremely likely to solve my request / issue / concern)
  • Please leave the question blank if it is N/A (Not Applicable)

Q1 2024 Survey has concluded.