2021 Holiday & Employee Appreciation Bonus

To celebrate the holidays and to show our appreciation for all our wonderful employees, Rocky Mountain Care has created a store to offer products to help you perform your job, as well as to enjoy your time away from work. Additionally, your account will have a $30 credit loaded onto it (to be used at this store).

Instructions on how to create an account to access the store credit are included below. Please note:

  • Your $30 credit is available until March 31, 2022.
  • If you choose an item(s) that are lower than $30, your credit will remain in your account. If you choose an item(s) that is higher than $30, you will need to pay the balance with a personal credit card.
  • All orders will be shipped to the address you specify at check out. The cost to ship will be paid for by RMC.

If you already have an account, simply select the button below to access the store and sign into your account.


How to Create an Account

STEP ONE: You’ll receive an email. Click the ‘Confirm My Account’ button.

STEP TWO: You’ll be asked to enter a password and to then confirm it.

STEP THREE: You’ll then be presented with two options: the sign-in or create an account. Select the sign-in option and enter your credentials.

STEP FOUR: You’ll then be logged into your account. You can now shop and use your holiday bonus.