We recently tried Dubs Scrubs for our Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) and have found them to be responsive, organized, and competitive in pricing and quality. Dubs Scrubs also provides an online store front for each ALF, with billing/invoicing, approvals, etc. managed at each community.

We are excited to announce we have a partnership with Dubs Scrubs and now ALL RMC communities and business/service lines can move forward with Dubs Scrubs by setting up an independent account under the RMC umbrella. Once your account is set up, your new employees will be able to visit your specific online store front and order. And, your employees can choose to have their order sent to a specific RMC location or to their home.

If you would like to use Dubs Scrubs for your community, business/service line, please reach out to our Dubs Scrubs representative:

Kathy Burrell
Regional Manager/Group Account Manager

Please note, Kathy will need to set up a new account for your community, business/service line and you will work directly with her. Again, your specific community, business/service line will be billed/invoiced and responsible for your invoices accordingly, as this will no longer be handled by RMC, Brittany, or anyone else.

To view a LIVE online store front, see/click the button below. You will then need to

  1. Click the “Group Sign In” link at the top right of the page
  2. Enter the CODE for your office/facility

RMC Online Store Front

RMC will provide Kathy with the standard logos found at:

employees.rmcare.com/marcom/ (PW: RMC123!)

If you have used a different logo for your scrubs/uniforms, please verify the correct logo prior to finalizing your first order. Once your community, business/service line account is set up with your logo, Kathy will then use it moving forward for ALL orders at your location or community, business/service line.

You and your new employees also have the option to visit one of Dubs Scrubs 4 retails stores located in the Salt Lake/Ogden area. Although they have an online store at:


However, this is NOT the site you will use to order for RMC (see button above).

Please reach out to Kathy for questions and your many options. We are excited to offer this new partnership between RMC and Dubs Scrubs.