The 2022 RMC Leadership Conference

This Year’s Conference will be held:
October 18 (Tuesday) – 20 (Thursday)

Aspen Grove Conference Center

This Year’s Conference will be held at Aspen Grove & Conference Center in Provo Canyon. This year’s theme is:

“The Power of the Pack is in the Wolf”

In the coming weeks, you will receive more information about:

  • Lodging, meeting times, travel, and much, much more
  • For those that will need to travel to attend, Brittany Sawyer will be reaching out to you for arrangements
  • You will also need to complete a questionnaire (or two) to make sure we make this the best experience possible for everyone attending

More information will be provided on this page in the coming days and weeks.

Key Note Presentations

Chris Magleby
CEO at Pinnacle Quality Insight

Chris, a graduate of the University of Utah, has been with Pinnacle since 2003. He’s been in the senior care field much longer, though; his first job was pulling weeds at his father’s nursing facility in Orem, Utah. Chris and Stan are the two owners of Pinnacle. Chris’s focus at Pinnacle has been creating a culture within the company that attracts interesting and talented employees. We do have three weirdos working here, but everyone else is pretty talented, so we think he’s done a good job. Chris lives in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, with his wife Ailee and their three children. He enjoys golfing, basketball, and live music.

Kirk Weisler
Chief Morale Officer

With over eighteen years of executive coaching, speaking, research, and professional experience, Kirk’s perspective is simple and unpretentious and his suggestions are applicable and undiluted. Kirk understands that your work life is more than a commute and a paycheck. You will spend most of your conscious week at work, thinking about work, or driving to work. Therefore Kirk believes in seeing your work life as your life’s work (outside of your home and family). With that in mind, how can you make your life’s work more meaningful, fulfilling, and rewarding?

For more about Kirk, visit

Conference Chair

Megan Darby, Chief Nursing Officer

Committee: Brittany Sawyer, Chelsea McGavin, Kadi Larson, Kristy Rehfeldt, Sue Phelps, Alan Roberts, Casey Whiteley, Jeff Boone, & Jon Owens

Conference Schedule

Get ready to not only attend keynotes, breakout sessions, but also set some time aside to get to know your peers.

This event isn’t just a RMC Leadership Conference,
it’s a RMC Family Reunion!










Aspen Grove Conference Center
9521 Alpine Loop Scenic Byway
Provo, UT 84604
(close to Sundance Resort)